The Basics

Violence against women is happening right now. In every country and corner of the world, there is a woman who is being abused and battered. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women has been abused physically or sexually in her lifetime, and one in five has been abused as a child.

Most women experience violence from someone they know. It could be their husbands, neighbors, or fathers. Want more stats to better understand the bigger picture?

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It’s easy to get confused by all the terms used in the movement to end violence against women: sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence...the list goes on. Each term has a slightly different definition, but they’re all part of a broader umbrella of gender-based violence that affects women everywhere.

Like many countries, South Africa faces deeply seeded issues with gender-based violence. But some citizens and businesses are fighting back and setting an example for people everywhere to combat violence against women. Want to learn how a dairy farm is standing up against violence?

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Sexual assault is another issue in this area, and it happens everywhere: on the street, in public transportation, and in homes. But one of the places where we hear about it most often is on college campuses. One explanation for this is a lack of female professors and university staff. Want to know why college campuses can be sexist?

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Even with all of the barriers for women, they still find ways to create change. Many women who have experienced violence now work to help other women with similar experiences. Want to learn how survivors are changing the world?

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