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As sea levels rise due to melting glaciers, accessibility to clean and safe water becomes a major concern. Children are more vulnerable to a decrease in resources, and less drinking water means that more children will die from disease and malnourishment.

Women and girls are usually responsible for the food and water for their families. They are the ones who work in the field and go out to the gather water. With drinkable water becoming more scarce, girls everywhere have to stay home from school to help even more. In one community in Tanzania, girls even have to help to carry cows who are too sick to walk:

Solving climate change may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Some of the best and easiest solutions have yet to be implemented. Population control is an effective method to combat climate change, so the first step is to educate girls and give them access to reproductive health lessons as well as safe and effective forms of birth control. It’s that simple.

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Severe weather means that fewer girls are in school. Droughts that last for years cause girls to be taken out of school permanently. The irony, of course, is that keeping girls in school is actually one the best ways to decrease the effects of climate change.

We need to make sure that girls have access to education, but we also need to be careful about the content of that education. Many schools don’t include climate change in their curriculum, even though 97 percent of scientists are on board. Climate change is real, and “climate denial” is a threat to the future of boys and girls everywhere.

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When girls receive education, they grow up to be leaders the leaders that can change our world. They’ve even got a few great role models to look toward for inspiration. Want to learn more about the women who are leading the fight?

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For us, at least, there is no denying that climate change is scary. But there are very easy steps that all of us can take to create a better future for the next generation.

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