Women in the Media

When you’re watching the news, do you ever feel like you’re seeing way more men than women? Unsurprisingly, that might be due to the lack of women who have been left out of global news both as subjects and reporters. That trend has continued with digital media, where women make up only 15% of those being interviewed or featured. Sound unfair?

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It's not just news and digital media created mostly by men; they're creating movies and TV shows too. Is it any surprise, then, that you see so many women and girls whose stories and characters fall flat? Women and girls may be consuming this media, but they don’t get a say in how it’s made.

Hollywood makes the most money in the global film industry, making $11 billion per year at the international box office. But the Bollywood film industry, based in Mumbai, India, makes the most movies per year -- 1,900 to be exact. This could be a great outlet for positive stories about women. Too bad Bollywood is sexist too.

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Luckily, there are some women who are finding ways to remind their peers just how beautiful they are. One photographer is traveling world to create an Atlas of Beauty and remind us that true beauty knows no bounds.

It’s incredibly important that media reflects the diverse world we live in. This isn’t just about morality, either -- it’s also about your health. Don’t just take our word for it: Read how seeing models who look more like you can actually make you happier and healthier.

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Okay, so now what? You don’t have to fight against the media alone. Women in the entertainment industry are doing their part to fight against harmful representations in the media. Here are 15 celebrities around the world who refuse to be part of the problem.

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Now let’s dive into the ways media is failing women of color: