What Is It & Why It Matters

The first rule of discussing climate change is accepting that it is a real and urgent problem. The second rule is acknowledging that humans are are aggravating the situation. Need some proof?

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Climate change causes irrevocable damage to the planet, and in turn makes it difficult for people dependent on environmental resources. (Think about farmers having trouble with their commercial crops because of water shortages.) Even worse, the people who are most vulnerable are those without the money or resources to recover or even survive.

Reports show that a staggering number of people are losing their homes, and that the majority of those displaced live in the lowest-income countries. What makes this ironic? Low-income countries contribute to climate change the least, but are still hit the hardest. Over the last 35 years, 60 percent of individuals who died from climate-related events made less than $20 a week.

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On average 26 million people are displaced by climate related disasters every year. That means that one person is displaced every second because of the changing climate and extreme weather. The current numbers are staggering, but scientists are predicting that things will be far worse in the future. If we continue in the current pattern there will be 2 billion new refugees from climate change in the year 2100. That means that one out of every five people will lose their homes, with nowhere to go.

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Worse, people are already losing their homes right now. Every day, more people are displaced and it’s becoming more difficult for the world to accommodate them. Wondering what it means to seek asylum from climate change?

Read on for reasons why women, more than any other demographic, are affected by climate change.

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